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Strategic Perspectives is a Peer-Reviewed, Bi-Annual and Multidisciplinary Research Journal by Center for International Strategic Studies, AJK (CISS AJK). The Center aims at bridging the research gaps through inqusitive and critical inquiry. The journal publishes articles that help in understanding the contemporary strategic issues leading to new academic discourses and perspectives.

Aims and Objectives

The aims and objectives of the Strategic Perspectives are;

  1. To promote and produce quality research.
  2. To establish high moral and ethical standards of research and publication processes.
  3. To develop a valuable bridge between academicians, researchers, and policymakers.
  4. To meet contemporary standards in academic excellence through the promotion of research activities. 
  5. To endorse and empower youth in AJK through research and academic opportunities, excellence, and innovation.
  6. To encourage research culture in academic institutions.


“Strategic Perspectives,” will cover areas related to Strategic Studies with special focus on Comprehensive Security and South Asia. The research areas for scholarly research are:-

  1. Conflict, State, and Society of Jammu and Kashmir
  2. Conflict Resolution between Pakistan & India
  3. Strategic Dynamics of South Asia
  4. Strategic Stability in South Asia
  5. Deciphering India
  6. Indian Strategic Culture
  7. Nuclear Politics & Strategies
  8. Arms Control & Disarmament
  9. Strategy & Emerging Technologies
  10. Cyber Security and Emerging/New Trends in Warfare
  11. Comprehensive Security
  12. International Security
  13. Politics of Connectivity
  14. Maritime Security
  15. Women, Peace & Security
  16. Peace and Conflict Studies

17. Strategic Studies              

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