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Guidelines for the Author

  1. Manuscript preparation: Authors should prepare their manuscripts using the provided template and follow the guidelines for the required sections (e.g., abstract, introduction, methods, results, discussion). The manuscript should not exceed 3,000 words, excluding the abstract, references, and figure legends.

  2. Style and formatting: Authors should follow the journal’s style guide for formatting the text, figures, and references. References should be formatted in the journal’s preferred style (e.g., numbered citations or author-year citations).

  3. Ethical considerations: Authors should follow ethical principles for research, including obtaining informed consent, disclosing conflicts of interest, and properly attributing sources.

  4. Submission requirements: Manuscripts should be submitted online through the journal’s submission system in Microsoft Word or LaTeX format. A cover letter should be included with the submission, outlining the novelty and significance of the research.

  5. Peer review process: The manuscript will undergo a single-blind peer review process, with at least two expert reviewers evaluating the manuscript. Authors can suggest potential reviewers during the submission process.

  6. Copyright and permissions: Authors retain copyright of their work, but must agree to the journal’s publishing agreement. Authors must obtain permission to use any copyrighted materials included in the manuscript.

  7. Publication fees: There are no fees for publishing in “Nature”, but open access publishing is available for a fee.

Submission Guidelines

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