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Article Processing Procedure

  1. Manuscript submission: The author will submit their manuscript through an online submission system, which may include a cover letter, manuscript files, figures, and supplementary materials.

  2. Editorial assessment: The editor-in-chief or handling editor assigns the manuscript to an editor who checks the submission for adherence to the journal’s guidelines, scientific merit, and fit with the scope of the journal. If the manuscript does not meet the criteria, it may be rejected without peer review.

  3. Peer review: The editor selects reviewers from a pool of experts in the field to evaluate the manuscript’s scientific quality, methodology, and conclusions. The reviewers provide feedback and suggestions for improvement, and the editor makes a decision on whether to accept, reject, or request revisions.

  4. Decision letter: The editor sends a decision letter to the author, which includes feedback from the reviewers and a decision on the manuscript.

  5. Revision: If the manuscript requires revisions, the author makes changes based on the feedback and resubmits the manuscript.

  6. Acceptance: If the editor is satisfied with the revised manuscript, the article is accepted for publication.

  7. Copyediting: The article undergoes copyediting, which includes correcting grammar and spelling errors, formatting the article, and ensuring adherence to the journal’s style guidelines.

  8. Typesetting: The article is typeset, which involves formatting the text, tables, and figures into the final layout.

  9. Proofreading: The author and/or a professional proofreader review the typeset proofs to identify any errors that were missed in the copyediting and typesetting stages.

  10. Publication: The article is published online and assigned a digital object identifier (DOI) for citability.

  11. Post-publication: The article may be promoted through various channels, such as social media, email alerts, and press releases. It may also receive feedback and citations from other researchers in the field.

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