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Editorial Policy

Manuscript Terms & Conditions

Fundamental Requirements

Submission and Formatting Guidelines

  1. The manuscripts are advised to be submitted through e-mail on official e-mail address (given on our website) of Strategic Perspective CISS-AJK.
  2. The Articles are required to be typed in MS-Word format.
  3. Detailed introduction of authors and affiliation details including name, nationality, contact number, email, and two professional references are required.
  4. Single author papers will be given preference however maximum of two co-authors in addition to principal author can be entertained by the editorial board. Co-authors must be clearly mentioned by principal author.

Editorial/Desk Review

The editorial board/desk review committee will scrutinize manuscripts for peer review. The reviewers may ask author to improve or rewrite manuscript if it lacks basic requirements.

Peer Review

Selected articles full filling basic criteria of the journal will be forwarded to three different reviewers for their comments and recommendations. The reviewers must send manuscript back to editorial board within given time and also clearly reject or recommend the article for publication while filling the evaluation form. In case of any change (minor or major) the reviewer will clearly indicate statements/paragraphs or the problem area in the article. The publication of an article will be conditional to minimum one/two positive blind review reports. The ethical standard in the process of research review and publications must be followed by the concerned party.

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